The Sky, the Sun and the endless Sea

The word for world is water

Long ago I had a most unusual wet dream,
but not in the usual sense:

I lie on a raft or similar, no need to swim, I'm floating somewhere
timeless in the middle of the Sea of Tranquility,
no land at all in sight in any direction:

The word for world is water. Only me and the Ocean,
I look at the Sun, I look at the Sea, the Skies
I look around and I know, I know...

These are the most real things
I have ever seen:

My whole life has been a dream, a mist,
but now I am avake. Now
Everything Is

In the dream there is absolutely no action, yet before
nothing really has happened, nothing important at all.

Eventually the dream dissolves, but awakening,
I have the feeling that actually I am not
waking up, but down down down
I am falling asleep, again...

And I do.

Mads Dam, 1978