The woman who turned into an oak

An absurd story - or what do you not

One day Sylvia discovered that a small leaf had sprouted from her left elbow.
Next day she found another on her right arm, she suspected a change:

The rest of the week she increasingly found herself
in the garden, branching out in silence, panorama!

Doing nothing at all, standing still while admiring the suns speeding arc,
yet strangely yearning for rain to fall; I'm leaving, she thought...

When her friends asked Sylvia if she didn't find all this difficult,
she answered: No, not at all. It's as easy as one, two, tree...

They looked astonished at Sylvia, so she added a leaf:
I look forward to the first birds building their nests,
I always fancied these feathered things.

Eventually Sylvia refound her roots.
Nice to be grounded, her final words...

Mads Dam, 2009