Far away in the forests

Wandering and wondering

As far as I can see: one two tree...

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Mouse changes perspective

The center of image moves along with the mouse. The whole image keeps its overall size; while one part grows bigger, others become smaller...

Touching edge of screen keeps extending image,
until mouse is moved again...

Click once to zoom in or out

Zooming lasts as long, as left mouse-key is held down.
Direction is reversed, each time you click again...

Click more than once to start wandering

Click twice to start wandering from mouses present position; it continues automatically, until mouse is moved.

The further from center you click twice, the faster speed of wandering. Direction also depends on angle between mouse and center.

Clicking 3 times starts wandering too, but now both direction and speed is independent of mouse position.

Clicking thrice also restores image to original size,
in case it's already been magnified...